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Habits & Goals Recommended Reads

  1. 10 HEALTHY HABITS is a great place to start - you can immediately install a few or multiple habits into your day(s) to jump-start your life in the right direction. This in-depth post will teach you how to build habits, what habits you might want to instill, and how to become the person you want to be through small, daily lifestyle changes.

  2. GOAL SETTING PART 1 & PART 2 teach you how to set SMART goals and stay motivated to achieve your dreams. 

  3. SECRETS FOR SUCCESS: This is a great post to learn WHY I decided to call my blog The Superhero Handbook and the strategies I use to make healthy habits a daily reality.

  4. SUPERHERO SCHEDULES: For a phenomenal day, including a morning/evening routine and weekend plans - check it out!

  5. 10 LIFE GOALS and Must-Haves: A list of top-priority goals I have for my life - create one of your own!

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