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The Fitness at Home Bundle​

  • The ultimate guide to help you create a home exercise routine and get fit at home!

  • Includes two eBooks, five motivational printables, a home fitness worksheet and checklist, and a weekly fitness tracker to log your success!

  • Overcome doubt and inconsistency and find a routine that works for you

  • Get healthier, gain confidence, and put your health and wellness first

  • Avoid costly trainers and gym memberships, and use home workouts to get fit!

  • Get access for life!

The Fitness at Home Bundle

Imagine you could lose weight and get healthier - without leaving the house!


Think of how much time you'd save and how much more energy you'd have to live a more energetic and happy life.

Perhaps you'd finally achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, be more active with your friends and family, or feel confident enough to wear that new dress.

There's only one problem.

Getting those amazing results, quickly and easily.

After all, don't you need to hire a personal trainer or spend hundreds of dollars on a gym membership to do that?

Well, sure, if you have money and time to blow.

Most people I know have other ways they'd like to spend their time and money... 

Fortunately, there's an easier and cheaper way.

With the Fitness at Home Bundle, you can figure out the best ways to stay active and get fit in your daily life and home.

With our simple to implement eBooks and worksheets, you'll get:

  • 13 ways to get fit BEYOND the gym - just in your everyday life

  • How to save time and energy exercising without going to the gym

  • The opportunity to achieve your fitness goals - whatever they may be

  • The best quick and easy home-based workouts

  • 8 affordable pieces of exercise equipment that can jump-start your home exercise journey

  • The joy and confidence that comes with exercising consistently

It's like having your own personal trainer.

Minus the expense and time commitment.

Maybe even after seeing everything included, you're still on the fence.

That's OK.

You could ignore this offer and continue...

... struggling to lose weight, get fit, and achieve your exercise and fitness goals

... wasting money on gym memberships that get used all-too-rarely

... feeling uncomfortable in your own body and wishing there was an easier way to get healthy and feel confident

... living a life of stress and unhappiness - exercise is a HUGE energy and happiness booster!

... settling for just imagining achieving your fitness goals, being more active, and living a more confident and happy life


Or, for just $27, you could use The Fitness at Home Bundle and get...

  • Tons of ways to keep your body moving and stay fit, even while just living your daily life.

  • The potential to achieve your goals, love your body, and have more time for yourself - for much less than the cost of a personal trainer!

  • The best home exercises (and cheap exercise equipment) to get a great workout in from your own home.

  • Worksheets and checklists to keep you motivated and on track.

  • Better health and fitness that could just turn your dreams and goals into a reality.


If you're ready to lose weight and get healthier - without even leaving the house - you'll want to take advantage of our special $27 introductory rate now.

Because of the value of these resources, we're unlikely to keep this bundle at this low price for long.

Start improving your physical self today!

Get the Fitness at Home Bundle NOW - only $27!

The Fitness at Home Bundle

eBook Guide


Suggested Use Guide:

  1.  Use Beyond the Gym, along with the Beyond the Gym worksheet and checklist, to begin incorporating fitness into your day-to-day life as it is now.

  2. Take it up a notch with Home Based Training to learn the best, easiest, and most affordable exercise options you can do from your own home. 

  3. Print off or save the fitness printables to have quick resources at your disposal when you're feeling stressed or down!

    1. Creating A Personal Exercise Plan You Can Stick To​

    2. Exercises for the Extremely Busy

    3. 14 Ways to Make Working Out at Home More Effective

    4. How to Have A Productive Workout Stuck Indoors

    5. Workouts that Reverse Aging

  4. Print out the Weekly Fitness Tracker to track the exercise you complete each week and stay on track!


P.S. I offer a no-risk guarantee. If you don't LOVE this bundle, I'll refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked!



If you purchase the bundle NOW, I'll also include a Weekly Health Tracker Printable

This tracker is AWESOME, because it'll help you track much more than your fitness alone.

Track your weekly meals, exercises, AND water intake to better your physical self as a whole.

Taking care of yourself with healthy foods helps you reach your physical goals, get fit, and lose weight.

Get the Bundle and this Health Tracker Bonus today!

Bonus_ Weekly Health Tracker

Get the Fitness at Home Bundle NOW - only $27!

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