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These are some of my absolute favorite books, documentaries, and other resources that have helped teach and guide me as I’ve worked to develop a more super self. I absolutely recommend educating yourself and learning wildly about areas that interest you. If you’re not sure where to start yet, these are some good bets.


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On Positive Habits and Habit-Building

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Eat Move Sleep - Tom Rath

The 5 AM Club - Robin Sharma

On Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is Better than Chocolate - David Michie

Buddhism for Busy People - David Michie

Mindfulness Meditations for Anxiety - Michael Smith, PhD

On Personal Transformation 

Hardwiring Happiness - Rick Hanson

You Are A Badass - Jen Sincero 

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

Untamed - Glennon Doyle

*Really anything from the squad of empowering, inspiring, and truly alive female writers/motivational speakers made up of Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love, Cheryl Strayed of Wild, Glennon Doyle of Love Warrior, and Brené Brown of Daring Greatly.*



13th - Netflix

Cowspiracy - Netflix

What the Health - Netflix

Ugly Delicious - Netflix

Blackfish - Netflix
Heal - Netflix

Minimalism - Netflix

Forks over Knives - Amazon



Duolingo - Learn a Language

Todoist - To-Do List

Kindle - Read More

Wealthfront - Investing

Stash - Invest & Learn

Done - Habit Tracker

(or the entire Growth Bundle)

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