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Empowerment & Passion Recommended Reads

  1. PERSONAL GROWTH: Read a good book, use an app to study a new language, or learn something new.

  2. PASSIONS: Learn something about a topic you're really into, not something for work or for anyone else. Remind yourself that you are brilliant and have great ideas and the potential to do amazing things. Pick up a new hobby or practice an old one, and realign with your passions. 

  3. OCCUPATIONAL: Do something that betters your work - read an article or watch a video on your industry or job. 

  4. FINANCIAL: Start investing or put a chunk of money against your debt or into an investment. Learn about investing online and make sure you have a savings account and a 401k and/or an IRA/Roth IRA (learn more at NerdWallet and Millenial Money).

  5. CHASE YOUR DREAMS: Don't forget about the wild dreams you once had. Consider what you can do today to take the first step toward one of your dreams. Manifest your dreams using the law of attraction, positive affirmations, and gratitude.

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