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10 Life Goals and Must-Haves

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

10 Life Goals and Must-Haves

When I started The Superhero Handbook, I knew a change was due. I wanted to be happier, healthier, more energetic and joyful, and have better relationships and a more meaningful life. And, I was tired of saying and thinking all of that without actually putting in the effort to figure out what I really wanted and how to get there.

I decided to make a list of all the big superhero things I wanted, and then I set out to develop a strategy to get them. The list below represents the top 10 things I want from my life after careful consideration and narrowing down the list to the most important goals and absolute must-haves. The rest of this blog details my strategy to get them.

  1. To be filled with joy, energy, and potential, and to create a lifestyle filled with behaviors for success (more exercise, water, positivity, and healthy habits, and less TV, fast food, drinking, and feeling shitty).

  2. To get in better shape, increase my stamina and strength, adore my body, and remember that I am a force to be reckoned with.

  3. To eat healthier, learn what I actually should be putting into my body, and find the easiest and cheapest way to do that without spending too much time on grocery shopping and cooking.

  4. To begin meditating consistently, have more control over my mind and my thoughts, and to stop letting anxiety and stress negatively impact my life.

  5. To work on my mindset so my focus is on positivity, personal growth, and abundance, and to believe that l really can achieve my dreams, make a difference, and do what I set my mind to (with hard work).

  6. To save money, live a more minimalist lifestyle, and work to have more money, time, and energy to put toward travel and my passions.

  7. To clean my house so it is a place that I am happy being in, and keep my environment feeling glowing, light, and conducive to the person I want to be.

  8. To work on my relationships and myself to become a kinder, more patient, and more generous person.

  9. To begin volunteering, giving back, and ensuring I feel awesome about my meaningful life and the difference I can help make.

  10. To set up a daily schedule and lifestyle that would help make all of these changes super easy, and to put habits in place that would actually stick, change my life, and make me feel SUPER.



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